The Last Day of School!

It is the last day of school! There is a buzz of excitement around the school campus as we wrap up the 2014-2015 school year. Last Saturday, we said congratulations to our seniors at their graduation ceremony, and last night, the Kindergarteners graduated on to 1st grade! A common theme from the ceremonies and from our youngest students to our oldest students was the spiritual growth seen in the past year. You see, education goes way beyond academics. We are so privileged at Liberty Christian School to have the freedom to teach the whole child. God created us body, soul, and spirit- in His image! Although we are  corrupted by a sinful nature, we still reflect that image. At Liberty Christian School, education means intentional teaching and development of all areas of the child.

That is one of the reasons for the Foundation For The Future Tour- to provide an example of developing and challenging the physical aspect of who I am, and to encourage our students to find opportunities to do the same. There is also a mental aspect to the bike tour: when you have 50 miles to pedal and it is against a 15 mph sustained headwind, you really battle thoughts as well as the physical aspects of the ride. And during these moments, the spiritual relationship with God comes into play, as I 20130709-214120.jpgpray for strength, give thanks for the beauty of His Creation around me, and praise my Creator for Who He Is and for the gift of life! These are all life lessons that engage the students and provide a richer educational experience for them as I interact with them.

Wrapping up a year is a milestone of accomplishment, but it is just that- a milestone. Life is a journey. Each year of education provides another foundation stone for our students’ lives, preparing them as they build their futures. I am humbly privileged to be equipping the next generation to be leaders and impact their generation for Christ.

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Cool Interview on ABC

Had great interview with our local ABC television affiliate, KVEW 42. I’m thankful for the interest and support being generated for the Foundation For The Future Tour!

KVEW Interview FFTFT

Click on the photo above to see the interview!

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Practice and Hard Work Pays Off!

It’s a Saturday morning, 11 days before I begin my journey along the Columbia River. Today is a big day: my daughter, Karah, is graduating from Arrowhead Christian High School in Southern California; our Senior class from Liberty Christian School of the Tri-Cities , WA, is serving at the Dream Center in Orlando, Florida, while on their Senior Trip; and the Liberty Christian Lady Patriots play in the Washington State 1B Softball Championship game! Whew!

I am tremendously blessed and privileged to be a part of these intersecting events. They give a perspective on preparation, practice, and investment by so many people.   IMG_9619

The Liberty Christian School Class of 2015 is putting into practice the education they have received; as Jesus taught us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) So much has been poured into the lives of these students to prepare them for the future, and it is great to see them serving, even as they celebrate the accomplishment of completing high school.

The girls’ softball team is pioneering a run to the State Championship, going further than any softball team has in the history of the school. This represents years of practice on the field, and also the coming togethIMG_9622er of a team. Repetition, instruction, and the often monotonous drills are bearing fruit. Such  great life lessons are being experienced by these students that will benefit them in the future. And with time, the perspective of gratitude to those who instructed them, pushed them, and challenged them will come into focus.

One of the most difficult decisions of following God’s call to become Superintendent at Liberty Christian School in July of 2014 was to leave our third child, Karah, to finish high school at Arrowhead Christian Academy in California. She became our “foreign exchange  student” while we moved to Washington State. A wonderful benefit of private Christian schools is the depth of relationships formed during years of being together; we are so glad for the year she had. We are so proud of her accomplishments!




All these young people are the fruit of families that have made the choice, often at great sacrifice, to send their children to a Christian school where they are taught in the context of a Biblical world and life view. I am excited to see the paths they will journey down, the exploits they will accomplish for God, and the impact they will have in serving others. Most are moving on to further their education and further prepare for their futures.

These lives are the reason I am so passionate about what I am called to do in Christian education. More than ever, we need young people grounded in God’s Word, understanding the times they live in, and properly educated to become the leaders of tomorrow!

I am doing the Foundation For The Future Bicycle Tour to raise awareness and funds so this legacy of serving and excellence can continue; teaching with eternity in mind!

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Shake Down

It’s Memorial Day…first off, a salute and thank you to those who have given their lives for our freedom, and for those that are serving today in our Armed Forces around the world!

Today’s ride is dedicated to you.

I spent the evening last night and an hour this morning going through my gear and equipment. I tuned the bike and packed almost everything I will be taking on the Foundation For The Future Tour.  


Today, I’m doing a simulated day that will be typical of a day on the tour. It will be a good gauge of where I’m at in training and what I need to do in the next few weeks leading up to the tour.

The Foundation For The Future Tour is a fundraising ride to raise funds for my school, Liberty Christian School, in Richland WA. With no public or taxpayer funding, we rely on creative fundraising and donations to offer a superior educational experience to our students. 

Please donate today! 

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2015 Tour Announcement!

I’m excited to announce a new tour on behalf of the students at Liberty Christian School!

I will be riding my bicycle this summer from the Tri-Cities of Washington State to the Pacific Ocean, raising funds and awareness for the tremendous educational opportunities provided at our school.IMG_5485

As the Superintendent of Liberty, I believe education is caught as well as taught. Students need great role models as well as excellent instruction to be prepared for life in the 21st Century. That is why I have taken up the challenge to ride 375 miles over seven days in June. I will be traveling “self-contained,” carrying all my own food, water, and gear on a trailer behind my bicycle. In the spirit of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, I want to set an example of overcoming challenges and instilling a spirit of adventure in our students. I desire them to set big goals and fulfill their potential- spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Liberty Christian School offers a K4-12th grade program, and was recently ranked the #1 private school in the Tri-Cities and in the top 30 in Washington State ( We receive no government funding and rely entirely on tuition and private funding for financial support.

I would like to ask you to consider making a donation to help meet my fundraising goal of $50,000.


Thank you for supporting my effort and supporting the Foundation for the Future Bicycle Tour!!!

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August 3: The Finish!

We slept with the sounds of the surf right outside the tent walls, with an occasional rude interruption of a passing train. After packing up camp, we pedaled north about 2 miles to the Potato Shack and were treated to breakfast by friends, Jim and Penny Crooks. Penny worked at Yucaipa Christian Preschool some years back and it was great to catch up. Ethan had a 16″ diameter pancake with cinnamon apples in it; I had French Toast, eggs and bacon.
We pedaled down the PCH and had fun riding up the Torrey Pines Hill, which at this point of the tour, was merely another bump in the road. La Jolla was as beautiful as ever, then we entered the congestion of Pacific Beach. A quick wave as we passed Sea World was followed by passing the airport and arriving at the San Diego Harbor.
We spent a couple hours touring the aircraft carrier, USS Midway. The Midway was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of her class. Commissioned a week after the end of World War II, the Midway was the largest ship in the world until 1955. A revolutionary hull design, based on the planned Montana-class battleship, gave her better maneuverability than previous carriers. She served for an unprecedented 47 years, saw action in the Vietnam War, and was the Persian Gulf flagship in 1991’s Operation Desert Storm. Decommissioned in 1992, she is now a museum ship.
We met Mo, a former student of mine, and she treated us to lunch at Harbor Station. We then scurried toward the border, riding through National City, Chula Vista, and San Ysidro. The border area was really crowded, so we rendezvoused about a half-mile north with our families and some friends. I decided to ride down to the border to finish the ride. My youngest brother David met me at the fence and we took the “official finish photo.” It was going to be a three hour wait to get processed and get my passport stamped and return to the U.S., so I pedaled back to everyone else.
We went to Old Town San Diego and had a celebratory dinner, then hit the road for home. It was great to sit back and ride at 65 mph in the truck!
I will continue to post some thank you’s and reflections…stay tuned!!!
It has been an awesome experience and a huge thank you to all who have been a part of the Foundation to the Future Tour cause.











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August 2: Penultimate Day

We woke up with the skies overcast. Seemed like we were awakened on the hour all night long by low-flying helicopters from the base or trains going by.
Camp break down has become automatic at this point- get dressed, stuff the sleeping bag, pad, then the tent itself. Pack the panniers, check tire pressure and chain lube. Grab a bite to eat- in this case, we had a snack because we were planning to eat breakfast in Oceanside, about 13 miles away. Top off the water bottles and away we go.
We rode through the Camp Pendleton Marine Base-lots of construction going on. In Oceanside, we got breakfast the pedaled to the pier where a professional surfing competition was going on. We moseyed down the undulations of the coast and got to San Elijo pretty early, and went to lunch at East Coast Pizza, a place I’ve stopped over the years that I’ve toured in this area.
I put Ethan and my name on the waiting list for the hiker/biker site which opened up for check-in at 4pm. While we waited, we went down to the beach and enjoyed watching surfers, sand castle building, and bocce ball. We also met three cycle tourists from Quebec who are just completing the Pacific Coast Route.
After getting our site, we found it was at the very end of the campground in sites that had been partially eroded by wave action and were no longer suitable for car camping. A chain link fence was all that separated us from the waves. We set up camp and just over the fence we saw a group of Marines wading across the river mouth, chest deep in water, with sandbags held over their heads. As soon as they crossed to our side, they dropped them and jogged up the beach and out of sight- quite the workout! We showered and found a little Mexican restaurant for dinner. Back at camp, the sunset was spectacular.
Then I was Facebooked by an old friend and former preschool teacher at Yucaipa Christian Preschool, Penny; she and her husband Jim have offered to take Ethan and I to breakfast in the morning. Looking forward to the visit and our last day of the tour!










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August 1: California Coasting

We woke up this morning to overcast and cool weather- great for cycling! The SART bike path was not crowded as we passed the Honda Center (Go Ducks!) and the Big A (Go Angels!) and headed out to the coast at Huntington Beach. Then it was turn left on the Pacific Coast Highway. As usual, the route through Laguna Beach was hairy, with no shoulder or bike lane and congested roads. Once we got through there and headed up to Dana Point, it was much more pleasant riding.
The PCH is gentle and undulating and I’m enjoying it after so many sustained climbs over the past six weeks. We rode the bike path through Crystal Cove. We also stopped in Laguna and talked with a German fellow about the differences between bike travel in America and Europe. The fog burned off and it was a spectacular day with a slight tailwind.
The California State Beaches are in a fluid state as far as which ones are maintaining hiker/biker sites. I stayed multiple times at a beautiful site in San Clemente and found out it was closed this season. So Ethan and I rode on to San Onofre and the ranger there gave us a site at the hiker/biker rate ($6pp).
Tonight will be interesting: we are 150′ from railroad tracks, 300′ from Interstate 5, and we can hear heavy artillery fire from Camp Pendleton. A little different from the forest sounds I’ve become used to!
Other highlights of the day: a huge beetle hitched a ride on my sleeve; a lemonade stand at just the right time; a cool chess board on the beach; and gorgeous views all day long.
BTW…I’m a Boston fan- Go Bruins! Go Red Sox!













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July 31: Homestretch

After two days off at my home (Actually, I had a lot of work to do at Yucaipa Christian School for back-to-school preparation) I am riding my last four days to the finish of the Foundation to the Future Tour at the Mexican border.
Ethan Cannady, who rode with me for five days up in Oregon, is joining me again for this last leg of the journey.
We started off in cool weather and rode over Sunset Dr and down into Redlands. We stopped for some photos at Clark’s Nutrition, who are great sponsors of Strada Corsa. Then it was through Loma Linda and Colton and onto the Santa Ana River Trail (SART).
As we were cruising along on the bike path, we met a friend of mine, Bob Mitchell and his son Bob Mitchell II. Bob has lost well over 100 lbs through cycling and I’m looking forward to him participating in a future tour. We had great conversation and I appreciated his praying for us before we continued for God’s protection as I complete this long tour.
We rode through Norco, known as “Horsetown USA,” and even the chain stores like Rite Aid and McDonalds have to have western themes architecture. The sidewalk on the Main Street is a horse path, and people ride horses all through the town.
We stopped in Corona for lunch at Betty Faye’s Diner, then plowed through headwinds in the Santa Ana River Canyon and beyond. There is a surprising amount of water in the river channel and a variety of bird species. Stopped in Anaheim Hills and will continue to the coast and head south tomorrow.








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July 28: Hometown Greeting

I was dropped off today in San Bernardino to continue my journey. My daughter Karissa rode with me and we arrived at Redlands Cyclery about 1:30. About a dozen cyclist gathered to ride, celebrate, and support me as I head up to my home of Yucaipa. John and Travis Jones, Ethan Cannady, Mike and Heather West, Creed DeJager, Glenn Ousley and the guys from the bike shop, Russ and Dan.
Thank you to the riders from Strada Corsa, Yucaipa Bike Center, and Yucaipa Bomb- it meant a lot to have the company and support. We chatted and pedaled up San Mateo, across Highland, up 5th St and over Crafton Hills. At Yucaipa Blvd we picked up some more riders and rode as a group up to the Yucaipa Bike Center.
There was a great reception waiting! Mayor Denise Hoyt was there and presented me with a City Proclamation which was very cool! Sandy Jones and Moist Realtors sponsored a BBQ for everyone present. Students, parents and staff from Yucaipa Christian School were there to greet me, as were some folks from Yucaipa BMX and supporters of Strada Corsa. We had a great time.
I am passionate about my calling in life to educate children from a Christian perspective and apply biblical principles to lifestyle choices. This has led over the years to the development of Strada Corsa Inc. as a platform to raise funds and support for after school bike clubs, the building of the Yucaipa BMX track and Bike Park, Yucaipa Christian School and scholarships for students.
I will finish my ride to the border on Wednesday through Saturday. Stay tuned!









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