Thoughts on Education

When I’m asked “Why do you do this? It’s crazy!” I respond most often with a story from the movie Chariots of Fire in which Eric Lidell says, “God made me fast. When I run, I feel His pleasure.” That’s how I feel when I am riding out in God’s beautiful creation. When I ride, I feel His pleasure. I can let the cares of the rat race of life fall away and enjoy praying and thinking and get renewed in spirit and soul.

The “Why” of the Foundation for the Future Tour is to pass on what I have been given to the next generation. Our children are the future and they need to be given a solid foundation to their lives to tackle the challenges of their life and times. God made us body, soul, and spirit, and all must be educated and developed.

This trip has two purposes: first, to raise money to educate, train and provide experiences to youth to make them successful in life; second, to model to young people (and old) that you can take on challenges and circumstances that seem way beyond you and overcome them. That’s what this trip is to me- something that is stretching me but at the same time putting life back into perspective. When I get back from the tour, I believe I will be better equipped to face the challenges of everyday, having spent many hours in meditation and prayer and thought.

Liberty Christian School provides a quality educational opportunity that focuses on spiritual development as much as academics. The spirit is nourished as well as the mind, and these students are shown the purpose of their lives- to glorify God, tell others about Him, and love their neighbor as themselves. The fruit of their education has been seen over the years in their lives, in the leadership roles they assume, and the vocational paths and careers they choose.

I am thankful to be a part of worthwhile endeavors that have eternal impact. That’s what I’m doing, making disciples who know the Truth, who discern the times, who understand their purpose in life. That’s why I’m doing this crazy ride to Missoula on my bicycle. I’m praying God will place it on many hearts to give and contribute so we can be that much more effective impacting the young people of the future.

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