The Rider…

I’m passionate about my faith as well as Christian education and the health of our children. I have used these three passions to raise thousands of dollars to benefit education as well as fitness programs for kids’ health in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

By day, I’m a school principal. I spend most of my time with staff and kids at Yucaipa Christian School. After the school bell rings, I suit up and head out for ride time. Sometimes I enjoy a quiet ride alone, but most often I can be seen riding with a group of kids from my “Bike Club,” Strada Corsa. I not only like sharing the enjoyment of the ride with young people, but I relish blazing a trail to help them experience a healthy and fulfilling life.

For the past nine years we have been raising funds to benefit education and health. From a 40-day ride down the entire Pacific Coast in 2004, to 20-day rides through the National Parks of Utah and Arizona, we have now done nine tours. The first couple years, we rode for the kids, but that has become riding with the kids. Most recently, students from the age of nine to thirteen have joined me on an annual cycling tour from Southern California to Phoenix, Arizona, a journey of 325 miles over seven days.


I am  committed to the journey as well as the destination. This is not just about raising money, but it’s about raising kids. There are some things that just can’t be learned sitting in a school desk or standing in front of a store participating in a fundraiser. I use my weekly Bike Club as well as these fundraising rides as a platform for helping make an impact young lives. Now, more than ever, children need role models and opportunities to get a solid foundation in their education and life choices. The  FOUNDATION TO THE FUTURE TOUR is my latest effort to raise funds and impact young lives in a positive way.


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