The 5 lb. Question

It’s amazing how many details there are in preparing for a long tour. Yucaipa Christian School, where I am principal, finished the academic year last Wednesday and I am getting as much of my summer planning done as I can by this Friday- packing seven weeks of work into one!
I am so proud of the students and what they accomplished last year. It has also been a blessing to see how well YCS alumni are represented in the local junior high and high school year-end activities: many high honors students, and the Salutorians at both Yucaipa High School and Arrowhead Christian Academy.
The dilemma has become my laptop computer- to take or not to take. If I take it, I will be able to communicate more effectively and get some work done while on the tour. BUT…it’s five extra pounds to carry over 2,400 miles. If I don’t take it, I will be limited to my iPhone and I’m definitely not a digital native.
The rest of my gear is packed and I have four days to answer the 5 lb. question…


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  1. I say leave it…that way I don’t have to share my computer with the girls! LOL!

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