June 15; What a Difference a Day Makes

3:15am came too soon; I was up packing and doing last minute details until nearly midnight. But I had a plane to catch! Got ready and headed to Ontario Airport and said goodbye to my lovely wife, Stephanie, then it was off to Seattle.
TSA opened the bike box and inspected everything and did a good job packing if back up. Great flight, then picked up by my mother-in-law, Carol, then off to my sister-in-law’s to assemble everything. Had a brief but nice visit with Teri, her husband Dave and their little guy, Danny. Back in the car for a two-hour drive to the border; got the passport stamped and hit the road!
I was immediately struck by the pleasant assault on my senses: everything is GREEN! Lush foliage is everywhere and off in the distance it is contrasted with white snow-capped volcanoes (Mt. Baker). The air has a thick pleasant aroma of flowers blooming and the hay fields that I am pedaling through. My ears are full of the sounds of all sorts of song birds, interrupted by the occasional bark of a dog or mooing of a cow.
I peddled from 5-9pm and put in 43 miles over rolling hills of agricultural land. Set up camp in the twilight at 9:15pm- it stays light late at these latitudes. Now I am laying in my tent and listening to crickets serenade my into slumber. Tomorrow I head east and start the long, arduous climb into North Cascades National Park.
What a difference a day makes from my Familiar life to a whole new adventure.



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2 Responses to June 15; What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. Graham Holmes says:

    What an awesome start

  2. The Burns Family is praying for you, Jim. Enjoy the adventure!!

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