June 19: “Rocks”

I woke up to rain, packed up wet and went to Starbucks. I watched quite a few people ride by on bicycles and realized to them rain is no big deal; they have a lot of it and just adapt. So I decided to be adaptable and headed out.
It was on the pass out of Chelan that I came across another one of those yellow diamond shaped signs that read “ROCKS.” My usual response is “Duh, right up there and if erosion and gravity come together at the same time, it could get ugly.” But as I am cycling by theses signs time and again, I started thinking about placing a word above it. You know, like “Jesus ROCKS” or “Stephanie ROCKS” ( my wife) or “downhill ROCKS.”
Then I come across a ROCKS sign that has a little sign below it- 3 miles, or 1 1/2 miles, or 2 miles. So rather than thinking about the next 3 miles and whether a rock would come down, I would pick a theme word and why it “rocks.” Going 12 miles an hour, I can spend 15 minutes rocking out…it helps the miles go by and gives me an appreciation of what rocks- like my Savior, my wife, and those all elusive downhills.
Highlights of the day were smelling apples as I came into Wenatchee, pedaling through a quaint town called Cashmere, and seeing a mama beaver and a couple little ones crossing the highway from the Columbia River to a pond (sorry, couldn’t get my camera out quick enough.
At my campsite I’ve met a Boy Scout troop from Vancouver, WA who are up here rafting the Wenatchee River and the lead couple families from a church group coming up this weekend from Everett. Spreading the word about the Tour and the wonderful children we have at Yucaipa Christian School and what is happening with Strada Corsa and Yucaipa BMX.





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1 Response to June 19: “Rocks”

  1. Tim Hansen says:

    You are a wildman! Hope the rain lets up and you get lots of downhills. It sounds like quite the adventure.

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