June 20: The Day Before Summer?

I’m looking forward to the first day of summer! But last night was the coldest so far on the tour. After I posted yesterday’s blog update, Jim from a neighboring campsite brought me a plate of chicken and broccoli with a rice crispie treat for dessert. A fellow Christian, we shared about our respective ministries and families. It was a great time to hear about his church in Everrett and the inner city ministry they do. We wrapped up as it started getting colder.
This morning I climbed Blewett Pass and it got colder the higher I got. But as evidence of Summer coming, there were lots of wildflowers. I also rode by a beaver dam.
On top it was frigid and I put on all the layers I had for the descent. About 10 miles down there was a roadside cafe and I stopped to thaw out. The owner said it was 38 degrees and was probably right at freezing at the pass- so much for summer. As I descended further it warmed up a bit but the rain came on. I road a tailwind into Ellensburg and stopped at the bike shop to replace my mirror and get a tube. I grabbed a hole-in-the-wall motel room and I’m washing and drying clothes and doing some food shopping.
Hopefully with the summer solstice and the “official” start of the season, I’ll see an improvement in the weather.









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