June 21: First Day without Rain

I woke up and it wasn’t raining! In fact, there were a couple spots of blue sky. The first half of the day was a beautiful ride through the Yakima Canyon, following the Yakima River. It cuts through a huge lava flow, which made for some pretty cool road cuts. Apparently, it is part of the largest lava flow in the world geographically. At one point on the river, someone painted a huge yellow PacMan on the canyon wall.
I stopped in the town of Selah for lunch then started the long climb that will eventually take me over White Pass.
At the campground, they haven’t turned on the water for the summer season yet. I’m glad I brought my filter which I can use in the creek next to the campsite.
Again, I’m blessed with the hospitality of my neighbors. They have offered water and invited me to dinner (cheeseburger and potato salad), and we’ve been hanging out talking. They are a group of five families that used to live in the same neighborhood just north of Seattle, all about the same age, and with a few children each. They get together every year right after school is out for a rendezvous at some campsite in Washington.
Tomorrow I head into a more remote area of the state, so my next post might be a few days. I am blessed and God has kept me healthy and safe thus far. I look forward to pedaling through more of His amazing Creation.






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