June 26: Passed Out!

Passed out. Literally, I’m passed out. I went over four named passes and a couple ridges that felt like they could be. And of course, I was accompanied by my ever present companion- rain.
I had a fabulous last evening visiting with the Kirby’s- what quality people. When I woke up this morning, Elaine was already preparing breakfast. We ate, I fixed another flat (this one definitely a defective tube- the seam split), then it was time to climb. Unfortunately, cloud cover still hid Mt Hood.
The day was spent climbing, descending, climbing, descending: first over Bennett Pass 4647′; then Barlow 4161′; next was Wapinitia 3950′; then it was Blue Box Pass at 4024′. I finally was able to hang a left and drop into a valley and out of the worst of the rain.
Today was a day to just grind out miles. I kept my head in it by thinking about my students and the tours they’ve done over the years: Kurtis and Brian Anderson; Nick and Jake and Tristen and Chris and Tyler; Bubba, Katie, Cameron T; Ethan, Rachel, Karissa, Parker; Sierra, Payton, Kayla, Josh, Cameron D., Anna, Saela. And many more! These guys have done amazing miles and I was getting lots of smiles thinking about the tours and all the good times we’ve had.
I am camping about 200 yards off the road behind an abandoned house. The concrete pad under the back porch was a great place to set up the kitchen and keep me out of the sprinkles.
I talked to all my girls tonight- miss them!




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