June 27: It’s a Sunny Day!

This is going to be a tour of extremes. After spending the first week-and-a-half in pouring rain, I’m now going into a heat wave, with triple digits expected by Monday. But today was pleasant at 85 degrees and mostly sunny.
I climbed out of the gorge with the Deschutes River at the bottom, about 1000′ over five miles, then cruised along plateaus and farmland.
Funny point in the day: I’m pedaling along and it all of a sudden registers in my brain that I just saw my name go by. I brake, stop, turn around and go back about 50 yards to a couple mailboxes at the end of a lane. Sure enough, right on the side of the black mailbox: COCHRAN. I’m home!!!…not. So I took a picture. I might send them a letter when I get home.
I am camping at Smith Rock State Park, a rock climbers hot spot here in Oregon. Last time I went climbing, I tore my calf muscle- so no such temptation on this trip; I don’t want to jeopardize the tour.






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