July 7: Wind!

Today started with a six mile stretch riding east from Yreka to Montague. Then I had to turn south and ride into an intense headwind. It went on all day long. The only time it let up was when it passed me off to an uphill climb, where I was partially protected from its grip.
Today I saw more deer than the first three weeks combined. They were hunkered down in the brush in the culverts next to the road and when I would pedal by they would get startled and bound away. It was something about the bike being unfamiliar, because they would totally ignore the cars.
I saw some interesting “bus stops” along the way today. These were little structures on the side of the road in front of ranches where it looks like kids wait for the school bus. They are designed to protect the student from the elements and came in various shapes and sizes. Some had quite the personalized interior decorating going on, with photos and drawings and chairs, etc.
I started the day with Mt. Shasta off to the south and it got bigger and bigger and bigger as I slowly made my way by its west flank. After passing it, I turned east again and finished the day on its south flank in the town of Mt. Shasta. 2 flats today, so I stopped at the shop for another patch kit for the next stretch to Lake Tahoe.
Today’s 43 miles is one of my lowest totals, but I was more tired because of the wind than the 73 miles I did yesterday.






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