July 25: A Tribute to Uncle Mel and the Smith Family

I found out that my wife’s uncle, Mel Smith, passed away. The picture below is of Mel. The Smith family is very tight-knit and laugh together, play together, cry together, and support each other in times like these. I remember the way they rallied around Stephanie and I when we lost a child in October 1995.
I will be taking a couple days off from the Foundation to the Future Tour to attend the celebration of Mel’s life in Las Vegas, then start pedaling again from where I got picked up.
On Sunday morning, I will ride into Redlands and will pedal to the Redlands Cyclery. I will depart there at 2pm and ride over Crafton Hills and up Yucaipa Blvd to the Yucaipa Bike Center, where we will have a little welcome reception around 4pm. Stop on by!


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