July 28: Hometown Greeting

I was dropped off today in San Bernardino to continue my journey. My daughter Karissa rode with me and we arrived at Redlands Cyclery about 1:30. About a dozen cyclist gathered to ride, celebrate, and support me as I head up to my home of Yucaipa. John and Travis Jones, Ethan Cannady, Mike and Heather West, Creed DeJager, Glenn Ousley and the guys from the bike shop, Russ and Dan.
Thank you to the riders from Strada Corsa, Yucaipa Bike Center, and Yucaipa Bomb- it meant a lot to have the company and support. We chatted and pedaled up San Mateo, across Highland, up 5th St and over Crafton Hills. At Yucaipa Blvd we picked up some more riders and rode as a group up to the Yucaipa Bike Center.
There was a great reception waiting! Mayor Denise Hoyt was there and presented me with a City Proclamation which was very cool! Sandy Jones and Moist Realtors sponsored a BBQ for everyone present. Students, parents and staff from Yucaipa Christian School were there to greet me, as were some folks from Yucaipa BMX and supporters of Strada Corsa. We had a great time.
I am passionate about my calling in life to educate children from a Christian perspective and apply biblical principles to lifestyle choices. This has led over the years to the development of Strada Corsa Inc. as a platform to raise funds and support for after school bike clubs, the building of the Yucaipa BMX track and Bike Park, Yucaipa Christian School and scholarships for students.
I will finish my ride to the border on Wednesday through Saturday. Stay tuned!









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1 Response to July 28: Hometown Greeting

  1. John Jones says:

    It was awesome to see you and ride with you again. Sorry I couldn’t join you this year but work commitments got in the way. Best of luck on the rest of the journey.

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