July 31: Homestretch

After two days off at my home (Actually, I had a lot of work to do at Yucaipa Christian School for back-to-school preparation) I am riding my last four days to the finish of the Foundation to the Future Tour at the Mexican border.
Ethan Cannady, who rode with me for five days up in Oregon, is joining me again for this last leg of the journey.
We started off in cool weather and rode over Sunset Dr and down into Redlands. We stopped for some photos at Clark’s Nutrition, who are great sponsors of Strada Corsa. Then it was through Loma Linda and Colton and onto the Santa Ana River Trail (SART).
As we were cruising along on the bike path, we met a friend of mine, Bob Mitchell and his son Bob Mitchell II. Bob has lost well over 100 lbs through cycling and I’m looking forward to him participating in a future tour. We had great conversation and I appreciated his praying for us before we continued for God’s protection as I complete this long tour.
We rode through Norco, known as “Horsetown USA,” and even the chain stores like Rite Aid and McDonalds have to have western themes architecture. The sidewalk on the Main Street is a horse path, and people ride horses all through the town.
We stopped in Corona for lunch at Betty Faye’s Diner, then plowed through headwinds in the Santa Ana River Canyon and beyond. There is a surprising amount of water in the river channel and a variety of bird species. Stopped in Anaheim Hills and will continue to the coast and head south tomorrow.








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