Practice and Hard Work Pays Off!

It’s a Saturday morning, 11 days before I begin my journey along the Columbia River. Today is a big day: my daughter, Karah, is graduating from Arrowhead Christian High School in Southern California; our Senior class from Liberty Christian School of the Tri-Cities , WA, is serving at the Dream Center in Orlando, Florida, while on their Senior Trip; and the Liberty Christian Lady Patriots play in the Washington State 1B Softball Championship game! Whew!

I am tremendously blessed and privileged to be a part of these intersecting events. They give a perspective on preparation, practice, and investment by so many people.   IMG_9619

The Liberty Christian School Class of 2015 is putting into practice the education they have received; as Jesus taught us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) So much has been poured into the lives of these students to prepare them for the future, and it is great to see them serving, even as they celebrate the accomplishment of completing high school.

The girls’ softball team is pioneering a run to the State Championship, going further than any softball team has in the history of the school. This represents years of practice on the field, and also the coming togethIMG_9622er of a team. Repetition, instruction, and the often monotonous drills are bearing fruit. Such  great life lessons are being experienced by these students that will benefit them in the future. And with time, the perspective of gratitude to those who instructed them, pushed them, and challenged them will come into focus.

One of the most difficult decisions of following God’s call to become Superintendent at Liberty Christian School in July of 2014 was to leave our third child, Karah, to finish high school at Arrowhead Christian Academy in California. She became our “foreign exchange  student” while we moved to Washington State. A wonderful benefit of private Christian schools is the depth of relationships formed during years of being together; we are so glad for the year she had. We are so proud of her accomplishments!




All these young people are the fruit of families that have made the choice, often at great sacrifice, to send their children to a Christian school where they are taught in the context of a Biblical world and life view. I am excited to see the paths they will journey down, the exploits they will accomplish for God, and the impact they will have in serving others. Most are moving on to further their education and further prepare for their futures.

These lives are the reason I am so passionate about what I am called to do in Christian education. More than ever, we need young people grounded in God’s Word, understanding the times they live in, and properly educated to become the leaders of tomorrow!

I am doing the Foundation For The Future Bicycle Tour to raise awareness and funds so this legacy of serving and excellence can continue; teaching with eternity in mind!

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