The Last Day of School!

It is the last day of school! There is a buzz of excitement around the school campus as we wrap up the 2014-2015 school year. Last Saturday, we said congratulations to our seniors at their graduation ceremony, and last night, the Kindergarteners graduated on to 1st grade! A common theme from the ceremonies and from our youngest students to our oldest students was the spiritual growth seen in the past year. You see, education goes way beyond academics. We are so privileged at Liberty Christian School to have the freedom to teach the whole child. God created us body, soul, and spirit- in His image! Although we are  corrupted by a sinful nature, we still reflect that image. At Liberty Christian School, education means intentional teaching and development of all areas of the child.

That is one of the reasons for the Foundation For The Future Tour- to provide an example of developing and challenging the physical aspect of who I am, and to encourage our students to find opportunities to do the same. There is also a mental aspect to the bike tour: when you have 50 miles to pedal and it is against a 15 mph sustained headwind, you really battle thoughts as well as the physical aspects of the ride. And during these moments, the spiritual relationship with God comes into play, as I 20130709-214120.jpgpray for strength, give thanks for the beauty of His Creation around me, and praise my Creator for Who He Is and for the gift of life! These are all life lessons that engage the students and provide a richer educational experience for them as I interact with them.

Wrapping up a year is a milestone of accomplishment, but it is just that- a milestone. Life is a journey. Each year of education provides another foundation stone for our students’ lives, preparing them as they build their futures. I am humbly privileged to be equipping the next generation to be leaders and impact their generation for Christ.

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  1. John Jones says:

    Enjoy the Trip you have been through headwind before! you shall concur!

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