“Headbreezes” and Trucks!

I had a good night’s rest and moseyed through breakfast and breaking camp. I got on the road about 8:30am and immediately had a “head breeze.” I pedaled by the McNary Dam and up over the bridge, crossing the Columbia back into Washington. 

As I turned west, the head wind started- and remained at 10-12mph for the remainder of the day. I took Christie Rd out of Plymouth and had an eight mile stretch of road in which only three vehicles passed me. 

I stopped in Paterson for a lunch break, then continued on to Crow Butte Park and campground. That last stretch of 15 miles or so was a real slog, as my legs were tired and I was drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated. Similar temps as yesterday- about 105 off the pavement. The campground host is letting me stay for free on the edge of his campsite- a spot he puts cyclists up on whenever he can. Thank you!

Here is a little of what goes on in my mind during the hours of riding: today I started thinking about my love/hate relationship with semi-trucks.

Love- that they are professional drivers and give me space along the shoulder.

Hate- when the shoulder is so narrow and there is oncoming traffic and they go by REALLY close (I have a rear view mirror so I can gage when to pull off if needed).

Love- when they go by and create a draft that makes the headwind go away for a precious 15 seconds or so.

Hate- when they are going the other direction and the headwind increases with a huge gust of air because of hat same draft.

So there you have it- the wandering of the mind as the day passes slowly by.

Another incident that happened today: I was pedaling along, very little traffic, and this “clang!” Cuts through the wind. I look around and see nothing. Then again, “clang!” It was a metallic sound. And again. Then I looked up, and high above me was a lineman working on one of the high voltage towers. It was such a relief knowing I wasn’t losing my mind! It was such a foreign sound among nature and the breeze. 

Right behind where the McNary Dam now stands, the Lewis and Clark expedition ran the Mussleshell Rapids. Clark walked to the top of the hills on the south shore and looking westward, he caught a glimpse of “a high mountain of emence hight covered with snow…I take it to be Mt. St. Helens.” He was actually looking at Mt. Adams.

There were Indian lodges all along the North Shore in this area. As they set up camp, they were joined by about 100 Indians in 36 canoes who brought firewood for ceremonies and dinner. Some stayed the night and they ended up meeting with well over 100 the next morning before setting out again. This was the night of October 19 and the morning of October 20, 1805.

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2 Responses to “Headbreezes” and Trucks!

  1. Chellsey Woolever says:

    Great job. I love seeing and reading aboit your journey! I was driving back from Portland on your ride yesterday and kept watching for you. I thought you might be on the Washington side :). I had already decided if I saw you riding I was pulling over for a picture :). Keep up the awesome work!

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