The Finish Line

I spent a leisurely time packing up and getting breakfast. Then I headed through the downtown section of Astoria, which is dominated by the bridge crossing the Columbia. 

  I had to take a detour because the bridge I was planning on going over, the Lewis and Clark Bridge, is closed for construction. So I went west over the Hwy 101 bridge, then backtracked to Fort Clatsop, where the Lewis and Clark Expedition finished their westward exploration and spent four months of the winter of 1805-06. 

The reason they ended up at this location was after some days of miserable weather while camping on the north shore, they voted on where to settle in for the winter, and the Oregon side won out. It was democracy in action for a pivotal decision, and even Sacagewea cast a vote.

The month of December was spent on the site and building the fort, where they stayed through March. The replica fort I visited was built in 2006, after the former replica burned the year before. I toured the visitors center, the fort, and the canoe landing.



 I took a video right outside the entrance to the park because I was struck by the sounds of the birds and little else: 

 I then pedaled down to the south end of the town of Seaside, about 14 miles, to visit the “Salt Works.” Three of the men were tasked to stay at the shore and boil seawater to evaporate it and collect the salt. It was needed for curing and preserving meat for the journey home. They were at it the entire winter, with some of the other men hiking down to provision them and occasionally help.

Then it was time to ride over to the beach and finish my journey. I am thankful for this opportunity to ride for my school and bring attention to Christian school education. Liberty Christian School is raising up the next generation with a biblical worldview and excellent academics. It is more vital now than ever that our children are being taught God’s Word and absolute truth in this age of moral relativism. I’m thankful to be part of a school that educates students spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically- developing the whole child.


Thank you to everyone who prayed for my safety along the way, and the strength to enjoy the journey.

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