Day #2 Walla Walla to Pomeroy

I woke up to rain! At least I was under a roof for the night. After saying goodbye to the West’s, I ventured out and headed toward Waitsburg entering rolling hills of wheat fields.

The rain was light with occasional downpours of 5-10 minutes. What a difference a few days makes- Monday I was riding in triple digits. Now it was in the low 50s and wet.I was musing about these beautiful hills and the image that came to mind was of God outing His finger on this land and leaving a fingerprint, with ridges and valleys in a unique pattern. And here I was like a microscopic creature, ascending and descending. 

I stopped in Waitsburg to “wait” and see if the rain would ease up- no such luck! So I decided to saddle back up and resigned myself to a slow, wet day. 

After passing through Dayton, I began the long gentle climb up to Pomeroy. At about 1pm the rain finally stopped and by 4pm the sun had broken through. As I was passing through Pomeroy, a neon sign caught my attention- “PIZZA” was flashing in purple and red. I had to stop. I ordered a 16″ (it’s all they had) and promptly downed half of it. The waiter kindly wrapped the rest up for my breakfast tomorrow. I rode out of the east end of town and set up camp at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. Tomorrow I will enter Idaho.

On a different note, today was the “Rivalry Ride” through the land of our school’s Division 1B opponents. Yesterday I went through Touchet. Early on today, I passed the baseball field where our baseball tarn suffered its last heart-breaking defeat just a few weeks ago in the State Tournament. Then it was Waitsburg, Dayton, and Pomeroy. In my two short years at Liberty Christian, I have already seen some great games and matches against these schools. It’s on to a new division next year for our school, with some new teams. But I have some great memories from these rivals.

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