International Selkirk Loop

I’m excited to be off on another adventure! This trip kind of snuck up on me- wrapping up a school year is always a busy time, and this year there were two additional layers to that busyness: my youngest daughter graduating from my school, Liberty Christian School, and my youngest brother getting married in California. To add to it, I pulled my calf muscle at the wedding on June 7 and have been nursing it along the past couple weeks. Last weekend, I did a preliminary pack of my gear, tuned the bike up on Thursday evening, then did a final pack on Saturday night.

I always do a final pack and even after multiple tours somehow manage to remove a few items and pare down the weight just a little more.

I have been looking at this route for a couple years with interest. It is marketed by the communities along the route as very motorcycle and bicycle friendly. I sent a way for a map packet that includes maps showing distances and elevations, a guide of the towns with things to see and do, and an overview map. Not having trained as much as I usually do leading up to a tour, I’m going to see how my body does and probably start off with lower miles.

Anyway, if you are reading this, I invite you to follow along over the next ten days or so and enjoy the adventure! As soon as I get to a town with strong enough WiFi, I will post pictures!

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